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We are building an impassioned organization dedicated to excellence in design and customer service.


Hickey Peña Architects, LLC Began as the firm Jack Rice Turner & Associates Inc., in Corpus Christi, Texas in 1958. 


In the late 1960's the firm expanded by opening offices in Laredo and McAllen, Texas. New Partners were added to the company that became known as Turner, Rome, Cotton & Associates and Turner, Rome, Boultinghouse & Associates in turn. 


John F. Hickey joined the Laredo Firm in 1977 and became a partner in 1978. The Laredo firm took the name of Turner, Hickey & Associates, Inc. Later John F. Hickey became the sole proprietor of the Laredo firm in the late 1980's. 


Mario A. Peña joined the Laredo firm in 2001. In 2008 he became managing partner with John F. Hickey as the firm became Hickey Peña Architects. The firm operates with its present name and maintains a sister relationship with the Corpus Christi office still headed by the firm founder, Jack Rice Turner.




We strive to improve the built environment through a deep understanding of and collaboration with our clients and their needs. 

BIM Tech

Our firm has gone from Computer Aided Drafting to Building Information Modeling (BIM). Hickey Peña Architects is committed to leveraging this state of the art modeling/database system to improve every aspect of design and document production. Instead of drawing lines, arcs and circles to represent different building components, with BIM, we create a virtual project before it has been built.


From window assemblies to HVAC ducts we can both more easily spot conflicts and take much better advantage of design opportunities earlier in the process. Modeling technology allows us to visualize, simulate, and analyze building design with a magnitude of improved efficiency. This opens up a whole new dialogue between us and our clients and grants us more time to design and innovate.



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